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"I am blessed. I had a wonderful and encouraging support system in my husband, family, and a few nurses who sensed my determination and frustration. I had opportunities to attend support programs and join groups of supportive women who understand. I have formed friendships and am surrounded by great people who share their knowledge. And I have learned. I have learned that every woman not only has a right to choose what is best for her and her child but to make an informed decision and receive support" Jillian, nursing mama to Jack Angelo

This is place to share the stories that come along with being a nursing mama. Wether you breast-fed your baby for 1 day or 3 years, we're not here to judge, simply to listen. Listen to what happened when you tried your best for 3 whole weeks only to be defeated. Listen to how being a mommy changed the way you looked at the world. And all the other stories, insights and moments that fall in between the complex and the truthful lessons you learned from your baby.

Read. Enjoy. Share. This is the voice of the nursing community.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haven't forgotten about the blog! ...

Well it has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been thinking about milk mamas and have had numerous ideas for posts in the past month, but with a kitchen reno in the works and taxes due in almost one month (I am the bookkeeper and just had a baby=waaay behind!), I've been a little pre occupied!

However occupied, I am in need of some milk mama support...

With our next two teeth just arriving, I've found myself nursing a lot the past week!  While glued to the rocker or lying awake at night, I've been some what fantasizing about weaning Teddy from night-time nursing.  I definitely couldn't start something like while two teeth were coming-but now they are here and I'm envisioning a full night of sleep again!

Before I begin this attempt, I'd love to hear from mamas who have successfully or unsuccessfully weaned.  Although it was my plan to allow teddy to decided when he would stop nursing-we are approaching 1 year and I would love some uninterrupted sleep!!!  We are weaning from the meds he is on in about 3 weeks and I'd love to start attempting to rock and comfort back to sleep other ways besides nursing at night shortly after that and before Teddy turns 1 year in 6 weeks.  ADVICE NEEDED!!!  Send it to me!!  even if you think I shouldn't wean Teddy, I'd love to consider all input before deciding to step in and wean myself....