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"I am blessed. I had a wonderful and encouraging support system in my husband, family, and a few nurses who sensed my determination and frustration. I had opportunities to attend support programs and join groups of supportive women who understand. I have formed friendships and am surrounded by great people who share their knowledge. And I have learned. I have learned that every woman not only has a right to choose what is best for her and her child but to make an informed decision and receive support" Jillian, nursing mama to Jack Angelo

This is place to share the stories that come along with being a nursing mama. Wether you breast-fed your baby for 1 day or 3 years, we're not here to judge, simply to listen. Listen to what happened when you tried your best for 3 whole weeks only to be defeated. Listen to how being a mommy changed the way you looked at the world. And all the other stories, insights and moments that fall in between the complex and the truthful lessons you learned from your baby.

Read. Enjoy. Share. This is the voice of the nursing community.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet Amy

In my search for voices of the nursing community, I came across a great little blog called "Toddler in Tow" by Amy,
nursing mama of Abbey, 27 months.

I quickly read through her blog and knew she was a mama to be in touch with! Her post on "extended" nursing inspired me to forgo my own nursing goals and allow Teddy to wean at his own pace. I guess I was leaning more and more to this route as Teddy got older. Perhaps that's even one of the many reasons I started this blog. Nursing mamas need a lot of support in the way of knowledge-questions answered, problems solved, etc in the beginning. As our infants slowly (or rather quickly) become toddlers and we fall more outside the norm for nursing in our families and communities, support from and moms "like me" becomes much more important. At least for me, as a first time, self doubting mom, the idea of being around mamas with the same peaceful parenting style is comforting. Here is a little excerpt from what Amy has shared with me:

"My mom is a child development professor, so she had gifted me some infant and child development books when I was pregnant - and as I re-read them, I saw the importance of breastfeeding and natural parenting all over the place - as it relates to infant development, breastfeeding really does make is easier for infants to learn. The studies on higher IQ in breastfed babies don't really cut it. It's more about the process than the outcome. Babies who are breastfed, especially through toddlerhood, take to every aspect of life a little more readily, and their brain development is more fluid than those who are bottle fed - simply because of the natural positioning of a baby at the breast. Cool, huh?"

You can read more about Amy's experience with nursing past infancy here:

Amy has generously agreed to write a guest post for my new blogging venture! I am so excited to share her story and her voice on Milk Mamas Speak with all you mamas!


  1. Aw, Jamie, I feel famous :) LOL

    I'll get you that story as soon as I can get it typed out . . . but it might not be till this weekend . . . we'll see!

  2. Aren't you?? LOL!
    Take your time I have a few other stories to share this week---8-)