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"I am blessed. I had a wonderful and encouraging support system in my husband, family, and a few nurses who sensed my determination and frustration. I had opportunities to attend support programs and join groups of supportive women who understand. I have formed friendships and am surrounded by great people who share their knowledge. And I have learned. I have learned that every woman not only has a right to choose what is best for her and her child but to make an informed decision and receive support" Jillian, nursing mama to Jack Angelo

This is place to share the stories that come along with being a nursing mama. Wether you breast-fed your baby for 1 day or 3 years, we're not here to judge, simply to listen. Listen to what happened when you tried your best for 3 whole weeks only to be defeated. Listen to how being a mommy changed the way you looked at the world. And all the other stories, insights and moments that fall in between the complex and the truthful lessons you learned from your baby.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Results of the Nursing to Sleep Poll-Refreshing!

I created the "Do you nurse your baby to sleep" poll simply because I do and on the days where I have lots to do and deadlines to meet and a super needy baby (like today because we are teething), I often find myself wondering if I will ever be able to do anything again and if I am creating a bad habit with Teddy.

I didn't choose attachment parenting-it chose me (see my post http://milkmamasspeak.blogspot.com/2011/02/attachment-parenting-at-its-best.html), so even though I feel in my gut that satisfying Teddy's needs will help him to be a secure, independent and trusting adult one day, I do sometimes doubt myself when it comes to the choices I am making-mostly because society's plan for how a baby should be parented tells me babies need to be taught to be independent.  While I think there is a time and a place for that mentality, I feel this is not yet the time nor the place for Teddy to be pushed into his "independence".  92% of moms reading my blog said they nursed their babies to sleep!  These results remind me that it is normal, babies need their mommies when they are young and this is how we comfort & sooth the best:)

Take my next poll to the right:
How long was it until your baby slept through the night?


  1. Hey Jamie . . . this is a huge concern among all mommies, but we have to remember that babies may sleep through the night at one point and then wake consistently a few weeks or months later. It's all about the individual baby's development, and it changes all the time. Children will learn to be independent - there is absolutely no need to rush them :)

  2. I love this post and poll. I got a lot of slack for nursing my son to sleep, he is 3 now and still doesn't sleep through the night every night. He no longer nurses, but he did till he was just past 2. I nurse my daughter to sleep now all the time. Sometimes she sleeps for a 6 hours stretch and sometimes she wakes up 5 times a night! It's normal for them to fluctuate like this at night. Naps are awesome! :) For those working moms, make sure you take the time to rest on the weekend, you deserve it.