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"I am blessed. I had a wonderful and encouraging support system in my husband, family, and a few nurses who sensed my determination and frustration. I had opportunities to attend support programs and join groups of supportive women who understand. I have formed friendships and am surrounded by great people who share their knowledge. And I have learned. I have learned that every woman not only has a right to choose what is best for her and her child but to make an informed decision and receive support" Jillian, nursing mama to Jack Angelo

This is place to share the stories that come along with being a nursing mama. Wether you breast-fed your baby for 1 day or 3 years, we're not here to judge, simply to listen. Listen to what happened when you tried your best for 3 whole weeks only to be defeated. Listen to how being a mommy changed the way you looked at the world. And all the other stories, insights and moments that fall in between the complex and the truthful lessons you learned from your baby.

Read. Enjoy. Share. This is the voice of the nursing community.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

6-8 weeks-pah-lease!

My latest Poll: Do you wish you were (or are you) a stay at home mama resulted in an "extreme" answer!

I always choose two opposite ends of the spectrum for the first and last selection options of my polls.  In my last two polls, the "extreme answers" (extreme may not be the right word to describe these options but on a scale of 1 to 4, they are 1 and 4-you can't get any lower or any higher!!) were chosen only in small numbers which left the overall result to be somewhere in the middle or "safe zone" of general or modified-type selections.  These results left me wondering if my voters were just trying to be "normal" and not seem extreme in their parenting style.  No one wants to be the crazy mom out far in left field, right? (It is surprising what qualifies as "left field" these days!!)

61% of voters are (or would LOVE to be) a stay at home mama-option #1! No mamas chose to work (or is working) full time.  I am not even going to try to draw any other conclusion from these results other than I have a lot of loving mamas who come to my blog and vote!  Perhaps if we all lived in canada and were able to care for our babies for a full year before needing to return to work, (what's with this 6-8 weeks maternity leave crap?) we'd have a different outlook on leaving our babies -probably not, but maybe ;)

Vote on the next poll: Are You A Lactivist?  Why?  Because I love seeing where the numbers fall among my community of mamas! (Check the poll down below for answer selections and definition-lol)

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